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brave central
               student services

UNC Pembroke

When UNC Pembroke called us, they said they needed a project with a WOW factor. Challenge accepted. Like many institutions, they wanted to consolidate their financial aid, registrar, cashier, and student support services into a central space that could be multi-functional. The catch? They were not fully prepared with their system to make the transition. Our concept was to set them up for future success. Think Apple store, instead of DMV. Our final concept was an interactive “cube” that could serve as a reception desk at first, and then transition into a digital kiosk that would serve students. The cube is made of translucent acrylic panels that are backlit with RGB fixtures. The fixtures can change colors, patterns, and textures using a touchscreen, data integrated touch pad. Smaller “cubes” in the corners of the main space mimic the cube, so students find their destination by color: Green for cashier, red for Registrar, etc.

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