biloba is a full-service architecture, interiors, and planning firm founded on the principle that great buildings and spaces can and should be economical. Licensed in North Carolina and South Carolina, the firm is led by the husband and wife team of Ian and Erin Patrick, who have a passion for great design. Erin is the “designer,” and Ian is the “thinker” making them a powerhouse team for delivering beautiful, high quality projects.

The firm specializes in solving unique problems a client may have when no one else can. We challenge the status quo by pushing the boundaries of conventional materials and construction techniques in order to bring enjoyable spaces to the people that inhabit them. Our use of emerging digital technologies including augmented and virtual realities allow us to show our clients the completed space long before a permit is issued.


"we will make great architecture.
at a profit if we can, at a loss if we must, but we will make great architecture."



biloba is named after the ginkgo biloba tree, thought to be extinct until it was found growing in ancient monasteries. The bi-lobed leaf of the ginkgo represent the husband and wife team who founded biloba.

Architecture is an ancient practice among humans and we strive to discover new ways of thinking about architecture and how it impacts individuals and groups. 

The goal is to find the spark in every project that enhances people's lives.